EDA 4930 Special Topics 1-3 Credits

Topics vary.

EDF 3110 Human Growth and Development 3 Credits

A life span survey of human growth and development beginning at conception and ending with death. Students will have the opportunity to apply general principles in appropriate educational settings. (S)

General Education - Social Science

EDF 3115 Child Development for Inclusive Education 3 Credits

Examines psychological theories and research on typical and atypical development and their application in general education classrooms that include children with sensory, mental, emotional, and learning disabilities and gifted and talented children.

EDF 3132 The Young Adolescent 3 Credits

Development of the young adolescent between the ages of ten and fifteen.

EDF 3135 The Adolescent 3 Credits

The special role that the adolescent plays in total development. Emphasis is on the psychological development of the adolescent in the school.

Prereq: department permission for freshman/sophomore-level students.

EDF 3210 Educational Psychology 3 Credits

Introduces the application of psychology to the problems of education in a variety of educational settings. It examines the theoretical and applied aspects of learning, motivation, human development, personality, and measurement and evaluation. (S) (WR)

General Education - Social Science

EDF 3423 Educational Research Design 3 Credits

Addresses the Basic Tenets of Educational Research Design, Including Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed-Method Approaches to Investigating Educational Phenomena; Learn the Information Needed to Understand the Educational Research Process.

Prereq: EDF 4430.

EDF 3935 Special Topics 1-3 Credits

Topics vary.

Prereq: department permission.

EDF 4140 Cognition in Education 3 Credits

Examines cognitive science that explains learning in educational contexts. Specifically, reviewing memory, attention, thinking, and problem solving in classroom or applied settings. Pays special attention to the connections between research and everyday phenomena; designed to help students apply course material to enhance their lives.

Prereq: EDF 3210

EDF 4430 Measurement and Evaluation in Education 3 Credits

The basic principles and methods of measurement, evaluation and test construction.

Prereq: department permission for freshman/sophomore-level students.

EDF 4440 Program Evaluation in Educational Settings 3 Credits

Overview to the skills and methods required to assess the effectiveness and impact of educational programs and institutions. First presents program evaluation in the broader setting of the social sciences, followed by evaluation readings and activities tailored specifically to educational settings.

Prereq: EDF 4430

EDF 4470 Survey Research Methods in Education 3 Credits

Overview of the theory and application of survey research methods, with special emphasis on conducting survey research in educational settings. Presents the full process of survey research, including design, implementation, analysis, and data management.

Prereq: EDF 4430

EDF 4905 Individual Work 1-3 Credits

For juniors or seniors who wish to explore areas of inquiry in psychological, social, or philosophical foundations of education, or research or measurement, under faculty guidance.

EDG 4910 Education Undergraduate Research 0-3 Credits

Supports mentored scholarship work that enables individual students to engage in the research process of posing questions, collecting and analyzing data, drawing evidence-based conclusions and communicating the results to others. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application depending on the topic. (S-U)

EDH 3410 Introduction to Education Policy 3 Credits

Introduces education policy and analysis that explores the history and purpose of education policy, key federal and state policies impacting K12 and higher education, and theoretical and conceptual approaches to policy analysis.

Prereq: EDF 3604.

MHS 3930 Special Topics 1-3 Credits

Topics vary.

MHS 4900 Individual Work 2-4 Credits

Topics vary.

Prereq: department permission.

SDS 3340 Career and Life Span Planning 3 Credits

Presentations, discussions and experiential activities for making effective life plans and adjustments are covered.

SDS 3430 Family and Community Involvement in Education 3 Credits

Examines existing models and practices for enhancing family-school-community interaction with emphasis on communication, conflict resolution and climate-building skill development.

SDS 3480 Student Development in a University Setting 2 Credits

Available to selected undergraduate students only. Examines factors affecting student growth and development in the university setting, current problems facing students, and the use of group processes and leadership training in solving problems and facilitating growth.

SDS 3481 Alcohol and Drug Abuse 2 Credits

General information of effects and problems associated with alcohol and other drug abuse.

SDS 3482 Stress and Anxiety Management 3 Credits

Overview of theories and methods of stress and anxiety control and reduction.

SDS 4410 Interpersonal Communication Skills 3 Credits

The application of basic principles of interpersonal communication with emphasis on the affective dimensions. Attention is given to using basic counseling strategies and psychological techniques as an aid to effective communication.