PLT 2560 Poland through Movies 4 Credits

Introductory survey of more than one thousand years of Polish history, illustrated on film.

General Education - Humanities
General Education - International

PLT 3520 Polish Cinema 4 Credits

Examination of principal developments and major directors of modern Polish cinema with emphasis on the visual and narrative techniques that distinguish Polish cinema from Hollywood and other national cinemas. Taught in English. (Cross-listed with ENG 4135.)

PLT 3930 Special Topics in Polish Studies 3 Credits

Variable topics in Polish literature, culture and society. Taught in English.

POL 1130 Introduction to Polish Language and Culture 1 5 Credits

A two-semester Polish language sequence that introduces the basics of Polish language and culture.

POL 1131 Introduction to Polish Language and Culture 2 5 Credits

Second in the two-semester sequence. Helps to expand vocabulary, command of Polish grammar, and the ability to speak Polish.

Prereq: POL 1130 or placement test

POL 2220 Intermediate Polish 1 4 Credits

Intermediate Polish 1.

POL 2221 Intermediate Polish 2 4 Credits

Intermediate Polish 2.