For information on honors courses offered each semester, students should consult the schedule of courses or the honors website.
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IDH 1700 Honors Professional Development 1 Credit

Develop Career Related Skills to Succeed At Uf and Beyond.

IDH 2930 (Un)common read 1 Credit

Discussion oriented courses centered around a single book.

IDH 2931 Honors Seminar 3 Credits

Special topics restricted to those in the university-wide Honors Program. (WR)


IDH 3116 Honors Great Political and Social Thought 2 Credits

Examines political, social, legal, ethical and scientific thought through history via the study of ancient and modern texts, film and other media. Close readings of texts develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Restricted to those in the honors program.

IDH 3931 Interdisciplinary Junior Honors 1-3 Credits

Special topics restricted to those in the university-wide honors program. (WR)


IDH 4715 Professional Development Strategies 1 Credit

Helps select undergraduate students identify and compete for the most prestigious career-making scholarships by determining the activities and ideas most important and attractive to selection committees. (S-U)

IDH 4903 Honors Tutorial 1 Credit

Must be taken in conjunction with other courses at the 3000 and 4000 level. Students must secure instructor permission of the course to which they wish to add this credit.

Prereq: honors program member.

IDH 4905 Individual Work 1-3 Credits

Restricted to those in the university-wide honors program.

IDH 4912 Honors Undergraduate Research 0-3 Credits

Provides firsthand, supervised research with a faculty advisor or postdoctoral or graduate student mentor. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application.

Prereq: honors program permission.

IDH 4940 Internship 1-6 Credits

Experiential learning in a variety of work locations. Permission of program director required. Supervision by a faculty member or delegated authority, daily journal and a post-internship report are required. (S-U).

IDS 2935 Special Topics 1-3 Credits

Introduces selected interdisciplinary topics. Content varies from term to term.


IDS 4945 Washington Center Internship 1-15 Credits

Students who are accepted by the Washington Center in Washington, DC and obtain permission of the UF liaison participate in an internship for a summer or semester. A variety of settings related to various academic disciplines are available. A post-internship report is required. (S-U)

IDS 4950 Innovation Academy Senior Project 2 Credits

Using lectures, labs and a multidisciplinary team-based project approach, build life skills in creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking. Synthesize and demonstrate leadership and ethics through design and development of a team project.

Prereq: senior standing and enrolled in the Innovation minor.