PLP 2000 Plants, Plagues and People 3 Credits

Biology and history of the human species for non-science majors. A chronological presentation from the origin of life to the present with emphasis on the impact that plants, animals and diseases have had and are having on human civilizations. (B or H)

General Education - Biological Science
General Education - Humanities

PLP 2060 Fungus among Us: Mushrooms, Molds and Civilization 3 Credits

Role of fungi in human affairs, including their historical use as food or medicine or in religious activities. Also includes their current impact on society as pathogens of plants and animals, in the deterioration of food and fabric and in the synthesis of important drugs. (B)

General Education - Biological Science

PLP 3002C Fundamentals of Plant Pathology 4 Credits

Principles and practices of plant pathology. (B)

Prereq: BOT 2010C or BSC 2010.

General Education - Biological Science

PLP 3103C Control of Plant Diseases 3 Credits

Principles and practice of plant disease control through cultural practices, competing microorganisms and chemical pesticides. Offered every other year.)

Prereq: PLP 3002C.

PLP 3230 Survey of Plant Pathogens 3 Credits

Introduces the main groups of pathogens that cause plant disease, how they spread and affect plants and how they are identified and managed. Also includes specific examples of how plant pathogens have changed the course of human history and culture.

Prereq: BOT 2010 or BSC 2010.

PLP 4104 Applied Plant Disease Management 3 Credits

Summarizes the methods and strategies used to manage plant disease by targeting vulnerable points in the pathogen life cycle and disease epidemic. Utilize knowledge of organismal biology, epidemiology, management chemistry, and economics to develop strategies for managing plant diseases.

Prereq: BSC 2010/BSC 2010L or BOT 2010C and BSC 2011/BSC 2011L or BOT 2011C.

PLP 4222C Introduction to Plant Virology 3 Credits

Introduces plant virology by covering the principles of plant virology, symptomatology, virus groups, structure, function, spread, detection and control.

Prereq: PLP 3002C and BCH 3025.

PLP 4242C Introduction to Plant Bacteriology 3 Credits

Discusses the main characteristics and properties of bacteria that cause disease in plants with emphasis on problems unique to plant pathology. Offered every other year.

Prereq: MCB 3020; Coreq: PLP 3002C.

PLP 4260C Introduction to Plant Pathogenic Fungi 3 Credits

Introduces the groups of fungi that cause disease in plants, including morphology, taxonomy, physiology, genetics and control of these fungi.

Prereq: PLP 3002C or PLP 4653C.

PLP 4653C Basic Fungal Biology 4 Credits

Introduces the groups of fungi and fungi-like organisms. Discusses the structure, development, physiology, genetics, ecology and systematics of fungi.

Prereq: (BSC 2010 and BSC 2011) or PLP 3002C.

PLP 4900 Supervised Extension Experience in Plant Pathology 0-3 Credits

Firsthand, authentic extension experiences in agricultural and life sciences under the supervision of a faculty member. Projects may involve program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation. (S-U)

PLP 4905 Problems in Intermediate Plant Pathology 1-4 Credits

Individual study and research in areas of special interest to undergraduates whose major field is plant pathology.

Prereq: PLP 3002 or the equivalent.

PLP 4911 Supervised Research in Plant Pathology 0-3 Credits

Provides firsthand, supervised research. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery, or application. (S-U)

PLP 4915 Honors Thesis Research in Plant Pathology 0-3 Credits

Independent research in plant pathology leading to an honors thesis; mentored by a faculty member. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application. (S-U)

Can be repeated with a change in content up to 6 credits. Prereq: junior standing, upper division GPA of 3.75 or higher and completed honors thesis proposal on file.

PLP 4931 Seminar in Plant Pathology 1 Credit

Discusses current concepts and procedures related to the practice of plant pathology as a profession.

Prereq: PLP 3002C.

PLP 4932 Special Topics in Plant Pathology 1-3 Credits

Special topics in plant pathology.

Prereq: sophomore standing.

PLS 4941 Practical Work Experience 1-3 Credits

Practical, hands-on experience in the plant sciences through a paid internship in the industry. This must be a new experience and related to the student's field of study. One month of full-time work is required for each credit.

Prereq: junior standing and AG-PLS major.