AI and the Arts


The AI and the Arts Certificate enables students to combine their creative practice in dance, theatre, music, and visual or digital arts with the latest tools and techniques in Artificial Intelligence to develop hands-on computation skills with a critical foundation in aesthetics and ethics.

About this Program

Certificates must comply with the Certificate Policy.

Entry Requirements

A declared major in the College of the Arts.

Completion Requirements

Complete all course requirements (two required courses, one elective course in the student’s unit, and one elective course outside the student’s unit); minimum 3.0 GPA in all certificate courses.

Required Courses

HUM 2XXXAI, Art, and Society3
HUM 2XXXAlgorithmic Creativity3
Select one course in student’s unit and one outside student’s unit:6
School of Theater and Dance
Special Topics in Theatre Production (AI, Data, and the Performing Body)
Special Topics in DAS
Special Topics in Theatre Production (Motion Capture and Mixed Reality)
Special Topics in DAS
School of Music
Special Topics (Finding Your Voice in the Era of AI)
Musical Data Structures
School of Art + Art History
From Fractals to Algorithms: Artmaking in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Digital Media Workshop (Experiments in ARTificial Intelligence)
Art + Technology Workshop
Digital Worlds Institute
Playable Patterns: Science Storytelling with AI & Games
Special Topics (AI + Art/Science/Fiction)
Total Credits12