The Art minor provides the opportunity to combine creative and artistic practice with other academic pursuits. Students seeking this minor are not necessarily pursuing careers as practicing professional artists; rather, they are looking to enhance their programs of study with an interdisciplinary learning experience that develops their perceptual, creative problem solving, and visual communication skills.

About this Program

  • College: Arts
  • Credits: 21 | Completed with minimum grades of C

School Information

The School of Art + Art History nurtures a culture of critical inquiry in scholarly and creative work. The school empowers each individual with knowledge, skills, and insight to engage thoughtfully with the changing world.
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The curriculum guides students toward coursework that the art faculty considers essential to understanding art making in a material and conceptual sense. Students completing the minor in art will graduate from UF with a more versatile and well-rounded skillset sought by many disciplines, industries, and professions.

The minor is available to all UF undergraduates, except those majoring in art or graphic design. Interested students must meet with the School of Art + Art History undergraduate advisor to apply.

  • Studio art-related majors (art, art education, and design and visual communications) have priority access to studio classes. Art minors must work with the SA+AH advisor to gain access to studio courses on a space-available basis.
  • Independent studies and internships will not fulfill credits for this minor.
  • 15 credits of the 21 total and all 3000/4000-level coursework must be taken at UF.
  • Up to six credits of 2000-level coursework may be transferred in from another institution or accelerated mechanism (e.g., AP, IB) or may be taken from UF non-art major studio courses. All transfer credits are subject to SA+AH approval.
  • Credit taken toward this minor cannot also be applied to any studio certificate program.

Required Courses

Complete before application to the minor
Select one 2000-level art history course, for example:3
Introduction to Art: the Artistic Experience
Introduction to the Principles and History of Art 1
Introduction to the Principles and History of Art 2
Non-Western Art
Art studio course (2000 level) 13
Complete after approval to the minor
Art studio courses (2000 level) 19
Art studio courses (3000/4000 level) 1, 26
Total Credits21

See advisor for access to studio courses.


GRA courses at the 3/4000 level cannot be taken by non-graphic design majors.