Art Education


This certificate meets the needs of students who wish to teach art in Florida’s public schools. The certificate’s curriculum covers the special subject knowledge and pedagogical skills associated with teaching art and prepares candidates for licensure as PreK-12 art teachers in Florida public schools.

About this Program

Certificates must contain at least nine credits of coursework that are unique to that program out of all other certificates and minors.

School Information

The School of Art + Art History nurtures a culture of critical inquiry in scholarly and creative work. The school empowers each individual with knowledge, skills, and insight to engage thoughtfully with the changing world.


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This certificate provides the skills and competencies required for effectively teaching art in Florida’s PreK-12 public schools, as identified by the State of Florida’s Six Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (or FEAPS). The School of Art + Art History in cooperation with the College of Education oversees this program.

Students must demonstrate a basic level of competency in a studio area or design, as verified by an acceptable portfolio. It is strongly recommended that students have coursework in one or more of the following areas: ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, art and technology, graphic design, or art history. This certificate is best suited for students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in the visual arts, design, or art history.

Interested students must meet with the School of Art + Art History undergraduate advisor for more information, course planning, and to obtain provisional approval prior to enrolling in certificate coursework.

To qualify for admission to the certificate program, a student must complete the following:

  • Submit an acceptable portfolio of ten digital images of personal works of art and an academic writing sample.
  • Pass a background check and meet state fingerprint requirements.
  • Submit passing scores on the General Knowledge Test of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE).
  • Apply and be admitted to the certificate program following the processes and procedures of the University, the academic unit offering the Certificate, and the College dean or designee.
  • Purchase a LiveText™ account via the College of Education for documentation of the six FEAPS and tasks, and official observation evaluations by the Field and University supervisors.
  • Complete ARE 2045 or EDF 1005 with grade of B or better.

Course Requirements

Students must earn grades of B or better in all required courses. Additionally, 2000-level coursework should be taken before 3000-level coursework. Exceptions may be made with advisor approval.


Complete the following course before making formal application to the certificate program. It’s recommended this course be taken before end of the sophomore year.

ARE 2045Introduction to Teaching Art3
or EDF 1005 Introduction to Education

Required Courses

Complete after approval of formal application to the certificate program. It’s recommended these courses be taken in the junior and senior years.

ARE 4242Teaching Art: the Study of Practice3
ARE 4243Principles of Teaching Art3
ARE 4934CStudent Teaching Seminar1
ARE 4940Student Teaching in Art Education8
TSL 3323ESOL and Reading for Teachers (College of Education)3

To complete this certificate program, students must also achieve these non-course requirements:

  • Successful completion of ARE 4940 as evidenced by overall ratings of “accomplished” or “exceptional on each of the six FEAP categories indicated on the Intern Evaluation form.
  • Satisfactory review of a teaching portfolio conducted by art education faculty and an external professional art educator at the culmination of the internship practicum.
  • Passing scores on the Art Subject Area Examination (SAE) ART K-12 and the Professional Education examination (PED) portions of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE).