Jazz Studies


The Jazz Studies minor provides access to commercial music skills that are vital to participating in today’s music industry. Courses provide critical musical training in the styles of swing, latin, rock, funk, pop, bebop, etc. They also target a theoretical understanding of jazz harmony, chord symbols, jazz scales and modes, jazz articulations, blues forms, piano voicings, the basics of tune writing, commercial arranging, and techniques for memorizing jazz standards.

About this Program

  • College: Arts
  • Credits: 19 | Completed with grades of B
  • Contact: Email

School Information

Recognizing the value of music to our culture, society, and individual experience, the School of Music at the University of Florida is committed to the teaching and development of musicians, music educators, and scholars. As a vital component of one of the leading AAU research universities in the nation, the School of Music fully encourages scholarly research, creative activity, and interdisciplinary studies across all undergraduate and graduate degree programs.



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  • Students must pass the Jazz Theory Proficiency Exam with a minimum grade of B. Students who receive a grade of B- or below will be permitted to study suggested materials and re-take the proficiency exam the following semester. Students will be allowed only one attempt per semester to take and pass the exam.
  • A passing grade of B is required for all courses in the minor. If the student does not achieve the minimum grade requirement in every course for the minor within two attempts, they will not be eligible to continue the minor.
  • Students may take Jazz Band at any time after completing a successful audition.
  • Students should contact the undergraduate advisor before enrolling in coursework.

Required Courses

MUN 1710Jazz Bands (2 semesters)2
MUN 2800World Music Ensemble1
MUN 3713Jazz Bands (2 semesters)2
MUN 3714Jazz Chamber Music 1 (keyboard lab fee)1
MUT 1214Jazz Aural Skills 11
MUT 1361LCommercial Music Theory and Practice 12
MUT 1362Jazz Fundamentals 22
MUT 2641Jazz Improvisation (proficiency exam required)2
MUT 4365Jazz Arranging 1 (keyboard lab fee)2
MUT 4366Jazz Arranging 2 (keyboard lab fee)2
MUT 4663Advanced Jazz Musicianship (keyboard lab fee) 12
Total Credits19

May be repeated for credit. Requires Exit Exam with performance of eight standard tunes from memory to count toward the minor.