Music History | Ethnomusicology


The Music History | Ethnomusicology minor does not require an audition, but a background in music is recommended. A theory placement exam is required to determine the appropriate level of theory the student should be taking.

About this Program

  • College: Arts
  • Credits: 18 | Completed with minimum grades of C
  • Contact: Email

School Information

Recognizing the value of music to our culture, society, and individual experience, the School of Music at the University of Florida is committed to the teaching and development of musicians, music educators, and scholars. As a vital component of one of the leading AAU research universities in the nation, the School of Music fully encourages scholarly research, creative activity, and interdisciplinary studies across all undergraduate and graduate degree programs.



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In addition to the required courses, participation in one or more of the School of Music's ensembles is recommended. Only nine credits below the 3000-level will count toward the minor and at least 12 credits of coursework must be completed at UF.

Students should contact the undergraduate advisor before enrolling in coursework.

Required Courses

Select one option: 16
Option 1
Music Theory 1
and Aural Skills 1
Music Theory 2
and Aural Skills 2
Option 2
Music Theory 2
and Aural Skills 2
Music Theory 3
and Aural Skills 3
Option 3
Theory of Music 3
and Aural Skills 3
Theory of Music 4
and Aural Skills 4
MUH 2501Introduction to World Musics3
or MUL 2010 Experiencing Music
Select 9 credits:9
Popular Music in the USA: From Ragtime to Hip-Hop and Beyond
Music History Survey 1
Music History Survey 2
Popular and Traditional Musics of Africa
Latin American Music
History of Jazz
Special Topics in Music History
The American Musical: Broadway and Beyond
History and Literature of Opera
Projects and Problems in Music
Total Credits18

Depending on placement after taking the theory placement exam.