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Office of the University Registrar

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    Music Performance

    This certificate provides performance credentials to music majors or minors in non-performance tracks who have made a significant achievement in repertoire, technique, and artistic presentation.

    About this Certificate


    The certificate requires students to take additional private lessons, participate in ensembles and present solo recitals. An audition is required for admission.

    Any changes to the curriculum of the music performance degree automatically pertain to the requirements of the certificate. The certificate is awarded at the discretion of the music faculty to graduating seniors who fulfill the required music performance components of the Bachelor of Music in music performance.

    Required Courses

    Courses Credits
    MUN 1000 level ensemble, 1 credit
    4 semesters
    MUN 3000 level ensemble, 1 credit
    3 semesters
    MV_ 141_ Performance Principal, 2 credits
    2 semesters
    MV_ 242_ Performance Principal, 2 credits
    2 semesters
    MV_ 343_ Performance Principal, 3 credits
    2 semesters
    MV_ 3970 Recital 1
    MV_ 444_ Performance Principal, 3 credits
    1 or 2 semesters
    MV_ 4971 Recital 1
    Total 26-29
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    Additional Requirements

    • Studio lessons, 7 semesters minimum
    • Ensemble participation, concurrent with each semester of studio lesson enrollment
    • Two solo recitals
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