Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics and Policy


The interdisciplinary Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics and Policy minor is available to undergraduate students who wish to augment their technical training in the agricultural and natural resource-related disciplines with selected liberal arts and sciences courses and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences policy-related courses.

About this Program

Open to all students, the Agricultural and Natural Resource Communication minor provides an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of and to develop a skill level for communication techniques in agriculture and natural resources.

Required Courses

AEB 4126Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics3
Agriculture and Natural Resources electives6
Ethics, Social, and Political Analysis electives6
Total Credits15

Approved Electives

Agriculture and Natural Resources Electives

AEB 3450Introduction to Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 13
AEB 4123Agricultural and Natural Resource Law3
AEB 4242International Trade Policy in Agriculture3
AEB 4283International Development Policy3
AGG 3501Environment, Food and Society3
ALS 3133Agricultural and Environmental Quality3
EES 4050Environmental Planning and Design3
FNR 4660Natural Resource Policy and Economics3
FOR 3004Forests, Conservation and People3
FOR 3153CForest Ecology3
FOS 4731Government Regulations and the Food Industry2
WIS 4523Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Conservation3

Cannot take AEB 3450 and ECP 3302 for credit towards the minor.

Ethics, Social, and Political Analysis Electives

ANT 4403Environment and Cultural Behavior3
ECP 3302Environmental Economics and Resource Policy 14
GEO 3372Conservation of Resources3
PHI 3650Moral Philosophy3
PHM 3032Ethics and Ecology3
PHM 3202Political Philosophy3
POT 2002Introduction to Political Theory3
POT 3503Environmental Ethics and Politics3

Cannot take ECP 3302 and AEB 3450 for credit towards the minor.