About this Program

While the minor is open to all students, it is particularly appropriate for biology, microbiology and cell science, and zoology majors; and students who are interested in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

Required Courses

HUN 2201Fundamentals of Human Nutrition3
HUN 3403Nutrition through the Life Cycle2
HUN 4221Nutrition and Metabolism3
HUN 4445Nutrition and Disease: Part 12
Approved electives5-6
Total Credits15-16

Approved Electives

FOS 3042Introductory Food Science3
HUN 4446Nutrition and Disease: Part 23
HUN 4905Special Problems in Human Nutrition1-3
HUN 4936Topics in Human Nutrition (Nutrition Communication and Education in Health Care)3
HUN 4936Topics in Human Nutrition (Preventative Health)2
HUN 4936Topics in Human Nutrition3

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