This minor provides solid exposure to bioinformatics with an emphasis on microbes. With the avalanche of genomic information available, bioinformatics skills are necessary to mine and analyze genomic data.

About this Program

Department Information

The Department of Microbiology & Cell Science is committed to excellence in education, research and service to the community. The curriculum provides an excellent preparation for students who wish to enter the workforce or continue their education in professional programs such as medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary programs, graduate school, or public health degrees. BS degrees are offered through both the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the MS and PhD degrees are offered through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Combination degrees are available.


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This minor is open to all students who have a science background and who meet course prerequisites.

It is particularly appropriate for students majoring in biology, mathematics, microbiology and cell science, statistics and zoology, and for students who are interested in professional programs in dentistry, medicine and pharmacy.

Microbiology and cell science majors should meet with their academic advisors before applying to this minor to plan a program of study. No more than three credits of the required courses below and 3-4 credits of the electives below can count toward both the major and the minor.

There are 12 required credits, consisting of three courses and a capstone independent study course, and one 3 or 4 credit elective.

Required Courses

Select one:3
Python Programming for Biology (Spring only)
Bioinformatics (Fall only)
BSC 4434CIntroduction to Bioinformatics3
BSC 4913Independent Research in Bioinformatics3
MCB 4320CThe Microbiome (Spring only)3
Approved elective3-4
Total Credits15-16

Approved Electives

BSC 4914Advanced Independent Research in Bioinformatics3
HOS 3305Introduction to Plant Molecular Biology (Fall only)3
MAP 4484Modeling in Mathematical Biology (Spring only)3
PCB 3063Genetics4
PCB 4674Evolution (fall and spring only)4
PCB 5065Advanced Genetics (fall only)4