About this Program

The minor offers academic training and hands-on experience in current laboratory techniques and helps students prepare for graduate school or lab positions in plant biotechnology.


Select one:4
Plant Diversity
Integrated Principles of Biology 2
and Integrated Principles of Biology Laboratory 2
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry 13
CHM 2211Organic Chemistry 23

Required Courses

HOS 3305Introduction to Plant Molecular Biology3
HOS 4313CLaboratory Methods in Plant Molecular Biology2
Biochemistry elective 4
Genetics elective 3
Physiology elective3
Approved elective2-5
Total Credits17-20

Approved Electives

Biochemistry Electives

BCH 3025Fundamentals of Biochemistry4
BCH 4024Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology4
CHM 3217Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry 14

Genetics Electives

AGR 3303Genetics3
MCB 4304Genetics of Microorganisms3
PCB 3063Genetics4
PCB 4522Molecular Genetics3

Physiology Electives

BOT 3503Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants3
HOS 4304Horticultural Physiology3


MCB 3020Basic Biology of Microorganisms3
MCB 5305LMicrobial Genetics and Biotechnology Laboratory2
PLS 4242CMicropropagation of Horticultural Crops4
XXX 4905Individual Studies in PMCB 13-5