About this Program

This minor must include SWS 3022 and SWS 3022L. Additional SWS courses must be approved in writing by the academic advisor and the undergraduate coordinator in soil and water science at least two semesters before graduation. Courses taught outside the Department of Soil and Water Sciences cannot be used to fulfill requirements for this minor.

Fifteen credits in soils courses are necessary for certification as a soil scientist and/or to work for the federal government as a soil scientist. Some courses offered in soil and water sciences will not be accepted for certification or to work for the federal government.

Required Courses

SWS 3022
Introduction to Soils in the Environment
and Introduction to Soils in the Environment Laboratory
Approved electives11
Total Credits15

Approved Electives

AGG 4502Nanotechnology in Food, Agriculture, and Environment3
ALS 3133Agricultural and Environmental Quality3
ALS 4154Global Agroecosystems3
SWS 2007The World of Water3
SWS 2008Land and Life3
SWS 3023LSoil Judging2
SWS 4116Environmental Nutrient Management3
SWS 4180Earth System Analysis3
SWS 4204Urban Soil and Water Systems3
SWS 4207Sustainable Agricultural and Urban Land Management3
SWS 4223Environmental Biogeochemistry3
SWS 4231CSoil, Water and Land Use3
SWS 4233Soil and Water Conservation3
SWS 4244Wetlands3
SWS 4245Water Resource Sustainability3
SWS 4303CSoil Microbial Ecology3
SWS 4307Ecology of Waterborne Pathogens3
SWS 4451Soil and Water Chemistry3
SWS 4550Soils, Water and Public Health3
SWS 4602CSoil Physics3
SWS 4715CEnvironmental Pedology4
SWS 4720CGIS in Soil and Water Science3
SWS 4800Environmental Soil and Water Monitoring Techniques3
SWS 4905Individual Work1-3
SWS 4932Special Topics in Soil and Water Science1-3

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