About this Program

Electives enable students to tailor the minor to their individual interests and career goals.

  • Nine credits minimum of 3000/4000-level coursework (exclusive of practical problems)
  • No more than three credits of practical problems courses
  • Except with undergraduate coordinator permission, students are expected to complete the following on campus; other ENY courses can be taken online:
    ENY 3005Principles of Entomology2
    ENY 3005LPrinciples of Entomology Laboratory1
    ENY 4161Insect Classification3
    ENY 4660Medical and Veterinary Entomology2
    ENY 4660LMedical and Veterinary Entomology Laboratory1
  • Students who specialize in nematology must complete six credits from NEM 3002, NEM 5705, or an acceptable practical problem.
  • Additional credits in entomology must be approved by the department

Required Courses

ENY 3005
Principles of Entomology
and Principles of Entomology Laboratory 1
ENY 4161Insect Classification 13
ALS, ENY, IPM, NEM, or PMA-prefixed courses 29
Total Credits15

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