International Development and Humanitarian Assistance


The International Development and Humanitarian Assistance minor provides the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to contribute productively in nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and public-sector organizations involved with international development and humanitarian assistance.

About this Program

The minor is open to all students.

Required Courses

AEB 3671Comparative World Agriculture3
AEB 4282International Humanitarian Assistance 13
AEB 4283International Development Policy 13
Approved electives6
Total Credits15

Students must earn minimum grades of C in AEB 4282 and AEB 4283 to continue in the minor.

Approved Electives

AEB 4242International Trade Policy in Agriculture3
AFS 4350HIV / AIDS in Africa3
AFS 4935African Studies Interdisciplinary Seminar3
ANT 4266Economic Anthropology3
CPO 4034Politics in Developing Nations3
FYC 4409Working with Nonprofit Organizations in Community Settings3
GEO 3502Economic Geography3
HSC 4624Trends in International Health3
INR 3034Politics of the World Economy3
INR 4035Rich and Poor Nations in the International System3
LAH 3300Contemporary Latin America3
LAS 3930Special Topics in Latin American Studies3
LAS 4935Latin American Area Seminar3
URP 3001Cities of the World3
WST 3930Special Interdisciplinary Topics in Women's Studies (Gender and Development)3