About this Program

This minor is open to any student.

Required Courses

AGR 4212Alternative Cropping Systems3
HOS 3281COrganic and Sustainable Crop Production3
Crop production elective3
Pest management elective3
Resource management elective3
Total Credits15

Approved Electives

Crop Production Elective

AGR 4268CSustainable Agriculture Systems Analysis 3
GEO 3427Plants, Health and Spirituality3
HOS 4283CAdvanced Organic and Sustainable Crop Production3
PLS 3223
Plant Propagation
and Plant Propagation Laboratory
VEC 2100World Herbs and Vegetables3

Pest Management Elective

ENY 3030CInsect Field Biology3
IPM 3022Fundamentals of Pest Management3
PLP 3103CControl of Plant Diseases3
PLS 4601CPrinciples of Weed Science3
PMA 4570CField Techniques in IPM2

Resource Management Elective

ALS 3133Agricultural and Environmental Quality3
ALS 3153Agricultural Ecology3
SWS 4231CSoil, Water and Land Use3
SWS 4233Soil and Water Conservation3