About this Program

Students applying for the minor must obtain written approval from the undergraduate coordinator for fisheries and aquatic sciences at least two semesters before graduation.


  • Complete a minimum of nine credits at UF
  • Complete a minimum of nine FAS credits at the 3000 level or above
    • FAS 4905 cannot be used to satisfy this requirement
    • Two credits maximum of FAS 4933 can apply toward this requirement
  • Complete at least six credits, as approved by the FAS undergraduate coordinator
    • These may include FAS, FNR, GLY, OCE, SWS, VME, WIS and/or ZOO courses
    • Three credits maximum of FAS 4905 can apply toward this requirement
    • One course maximum, or three credits, of scuba coursework can apply toward this requirement; approved courses include FAS 4932 Scientific Diver and FAS 4932 Research Dive Master.

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