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Office of the University Registrar

  • Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources: Interdisciplinary Studies

    This degree program uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide the scientific and technical foundation needed to integrate and communicate the diverse environmental issues associated with urban, agricultural, and natural ecosystems. Students develop an understanding of the best use of our natural resources for their social and economic benefits while protecting associated resource values, property rights and the environment. This degree provides a solid grounding in the areas of hydrology, soil science, pest management, water resources, and agricultural ecology.

    To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college, and major requirements.

    Critical TrackingModel Semester Plan


    This major is for students who desire education in environmental management with substantial emphasis on agriculture and natural resources.

    Graduates will find employment with agricultural producers, consulting companies and government agencies that are involved in maintaining a sustainable environment.

    Critical Tracking

    Critical Tracking records each student’s progress in courses that are required for entry to each major. Please note the critical-tracking requirements below on a per-semester basis.

    Equivalent critical-tracking courses as determined by the State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites may be used for transfer students.

    Semester 1

    • Complete 1 of 6 critical-tracking courses, excluding labs: AEC 3030C or SPC 2608, BSC 2005/2005L or BSC 2010/2010L, CHM 2045/2045L, CHM 2046/2046L, MAC 2233, STA 2023
    • 2.0 GPA required for all critical-tracking courses
    • 2.0 UF GPA required

    Semester 2

    • Complete 2 additional critical-tracking courses, excluding labs
    • 2.0 GPA required for all critical-tracking courses
    • 2.0 UF GPA required

    Semester 3

    • Complete 2 additional critical-tracking courses, excluding labs
    • 2.0 GPA required for all critical-tracking courses
    • 2.0 UF GPA required

    Semester 4

    • Complete 1 additional critical-tracking course, excluding labs
    • 2.0 GPA required for all critical-tracking courses
    • 2.0 UF GPA required

    Semester 5

    • Complete all critical-tracking courses, including labs
    • 2.0 GPA required for all critical-tracking courses
    • 2.0 UF GPA required
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    Model Semester Plan

    To remain on track, students must complete the appropriate critical-tracking courses, which appear in bold. These courses must be completed by the terms as listed above in the Critical Tracking criteria.

    This semester plan represents an example progression through the major. Actual courses and course order may be different depending on the student's academic record and scheduling availability of courses. Prerequisites still apply.

    Semester 1 Credits
    CHM 2045 General Chemistry 1, 3 credits, and
    CHM 2045L General Chemistry 1 Laboratory, 1 credit
    State Core GE-B or P
    State Core GE-C; WR
    ​Elective 2​​
    State Core GE-H
    Social and Behavioral Sciences
    State Core GE-S
    Total 15
    Semester 2 Credits
    AEB 2014 Economic Issues, Food and You, 3 credits, or
    ECO 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics, 4 credits, or
    ECO 2023 Principles of Microeconomics, 4 credits
    CHM 2046 General Chemistry 2, 3 credits, and
    CHM 2046L General Chemistry 2 Laboratory, 1 credit
    IUF 1000 What is the Good Life
    STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics 1
    GE-C; WR
    Total 16-17
    Semester 3 Credits
    AEC 3030C Effective Oral Communication or
    SPC 2608 Introduction to Public Speaking
    BSC 2005 Biological Sciences, 3 credits, and
    BSC 2005L Laboratory in Biological Sciences, 1 credit

    BSC 2010 Integrated Principles of Biology 1, 3 credits, and
    BSC 2010L Integrated Principles of Biology 1 Laboratory, 1 credit
    GLY 2030C Environmental and Engineering Geology
    PHY 2020 Principles of Physics or
    PHY 2004 Applied Physics 1
    Elective 3
    Total 16
    Semester 4 Credits
    ALS 3133 Agricultural and Environmental Quality
    MAC 2233 Survey of Calculus 1
    State Core GE-M
    Electives 4
    Humanities (GE-H) or
    Social and Behavioral Sciences (GE-S)
    Total 13
    Semester 5 Credits
    AEC 3033C Research and Business Writing in Agricultural and Life Sciences
    ALS 3153 Agricultural Ecology 3
    SWS 3022 Introduction to Soils in the Environment
    Approved elective 3
    Total 12
    Semester 6 Credits
    AEB 3133 Principles of Agribusiness Management, 3 credits, or
    MAN 3025 Principles of Management, 4 credits
    ENY 3005 Principles of Entomology, 2 credits, and
    ENY 3005L Principles of Entomology Laboratory, 1 credit

    IPM 3022 Fundamentals of Pest Management, 3 credits
    SWS 4244 Wetlands 3
    Approved elective 3
    ​Elective ​3
    Total 15-16
    Summer Credits
    SWS 4905 Individual Work or
    SWS 4941 Full-Time Practical Work Experience in Soil and Water Science
    Approved elective 3
    Total 6
    Semester 7 Credits
    AOM 4643 Environmental Hydrology 3
    FNR 4660 Natural Resource Policy and Economics 3
    SWS 4720C GIS in Soil and Water Science 3
    Approved elective 3
    ​Elective ​3
    Total 15
    Semester 8 Credits
    SWS 4116 Environmental Nutrient Management 3
    SWS 4223 Environmental Biogeochemistry 3
    Approved electives 6
    Total 12
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    Approved Electives

    Other electives require advisor approval

    Courses Credits
    AEB 3114L Introduction to Agricultural Computer Applications 1
    ​AEB 3144 Introduction to Agricultural Finance ​3
    AEB 3300 Agricultural and Food Marketing 3
    ​AEB 3341 Selling Strategically ​3
    AEB 3450 Introduction to Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 3
    ​AEB 3671 Comparative World Agriculture ​3
    AEB 4123 Agricultural and Natural Resource Law 3
    ​ALS 4161 Exotic Species and Biosecurity Issues ​3
    ​ALS 4162 Consequences of Biological Invasions ​3
    ​BUL 4310 The Legal Environment of Business ​4
    ​ECO 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics ​4
    ​ECO 2023 Principles of Microeconomics ​4
    ​ENT 3003 Principles of Entrepreneurship ​4
    ​ENY 3007C Life Science ​3
    ​ENY 3510C Turf and Ornamental Entomology ​3
    ​ENY 4210 Insects and Wildlife ​3
    FOR 3214 Fire in Natural Resource Management 2
    FOR 3855 Agroforestry in Southeastern United States 3
    ​FOR 4110 Ecology and Restoration of Longleaf Pine Ecosystems ​3
    ​GEB 3373 International Business ​4
    HOS 3020 Principles of Horticulture Crop Production 3
    ​MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing ​4
    PLS 3004C Principles of Plant Science​ 3​
    SWS 2007 The World of Water 3
    SWS 3022L Introduction to Soils in the Environment Laboratory 1
    SWS 4207 Sustainable Agricultural and Urban Land Management 3
    SWS 4231C Soil, Water and Land Use 3
    ​SWS 4233 Soil and Water Conservation ​3
    SWS 4245 Water Resource Sustainability 3
    SWS 4303C Soil Microbial Ecology 3
    SWS 4307 Ecology of Waterborne Pathogens 3
    SWS 4451 Soil and Water Chemistry 3
    SWS 4550 Soil, Water and Public Health 3
    SWS 4602C Soil Physics 3
    SWS 4715C Environmental Pedology 4
    ​SWS 4932 Hydric Soils ​2
    ​SWS 4932 Forest and Soil Ecosystem Services ​3
    ​SWS 4932 Environmental Techniques (2 live labs at selected locations) ​3
    ​WIS 2552 Biodiversity Conservation ​3
    WIS 3401 Wildlife Ecology and Management 3
    ​WIS 4427C Wildlife Habitat Management ​3
    ​WIS 4934 Natural Resource Ecology ​3
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