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    About this Minor


    Students pursuing a major in Jewish studies are not eligible for this minor.

    Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.

    Required Courses

    Courses Credits
    HBR 3410 Advanced Modern Hebrew 1 3
    HBR 3411 Advanced Modern Hebrew 2 3
    Hebrew electives 6
    Additional elective 3
    Total 15


    Choose three, two of which must have HBR, HBT, or HMW prefix
    Hebrew Courses
    Complete at least two
    HBR 4930 Special Topics 3
    HBT 3223 Identity and Dissent in the Hebrew Short Story 3
    HBT 3233 Israeli History and the Contemporary Novel 3
    HBT 3562 Jews and Arabs in Modern Hebrew Fiction 3
    HBT 3563 Women in Modern Hebrew Fiction 3
    HBT 3564 Motherhood in Modern Hebrew Literature 3
    HMW 4200 Readings in Modern Hebrew Literature 1 3
    HMW 4201 Readings in Modern Hebrew Literature 2 3
    Additional Elective Courses
    Complete no more than one
    AMH 3531 The American Jewish Experience 1880-2000 3
    ARA 4930 Special Topics 3
    CPO 4727 Judaism and Politics 3
    EUH 3670 Jewish History from 711 to 1492 3
    EUH 3671 Jewish History from 1492-1750 3
    EUH 3672 Modern European Jewish History 3
    ITT 3700 The Demolition of Man: Italian Perspectives on the Jewish Holocaust 3
    JST 3930 Special Topics in Jewish Studies 3
    POS/INR/CPO course
    With reference to the Middle East conflict
    REL 2210 Hebrew Scriptures 3
    REL 3321 Early Judaism and Christianity 3
    REL 3693 Judaism and Nature 3
    REL 3938 Special Topics in Religion: Women/Gender in the Hebrew Bible 3
    REL 4209 Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Jewish Literature 3
    REL 4611 Israelite Religion 3
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