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    Each certificate program must have at least nine credits that are exclusive to the certificate and may not count toward any other certificate or minor. All courses required must be completed with minimum grades of C or S in each course.

    Certificate Notes Total Credits
    East-Central European Studies Open to all undergraduates; provides the opportunity to gain interdisciplinary area and language expertise in East-Central European studies. 12-14
    European Union Studies Open to all undergraduates; provides the opportunity to gain multidisciplinary expertise in EU-related affairs. 12
    Geological Sciences ​Offers coursework in geological sciences relevant to environmental policy and law, resource economics, teaching, regional planning, building construction, and related fields.​ 16-17​
    Geospatial Information Analysis Covers a variety of geospatial technologies such as digital mapping, geographic information system (GIS), and remotely sensed image processing. 11-12
    Holocaust Studies Open to all undergraduates; focuses on intellectual approaches to the Holocaust, other human rights catastrophes, and their representation. 18
    International Relations For students who are interested in international affairs and who are considering careers in this field. 18
    Latin American Studies Designed to supplement a major with broad cultural and language training appropriate for graduate work or a Latin America-related career in business, government, or teaching. 21
    Medical Anthropology Provides an intensive foundation in medical anthropology for undergraduate anthropology and non-anthropology majors. Courses emphasize the role that biology, culture, language, and prehistory play in human health, and the experience of healing across cultures. 12
    Meteorology and Climatology Provides a working knowledge of atmospheric processes across spatial and temporal scales. 12
    Political Campaigning For students who may pursue careers in practical politics, including campaign management, lobbying, and issue advocacy. 18
    Public Affairs For students interested in government careers and requires courses in public policy and public administration. 15
    Russian and East-European Area Studies Provides a foundation for graduate work in the field and careers in government service; based on a major in economics, foreign languages, geography, history, philosophy, political science, or religion. 24
    Spanish for the Professions Provides the linguistic skills and cultural knowledge necessary for working in our increasingly global community, focusing specifically on the Spanish-speaking world. 12
    Teaching English as a Second Language Open to all undergraduates; for students who want to teach English as a second language to adults, overseas or in the US. 18
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